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A Rapid PC, Inc. will provide free maintenance to all equipment listed on the Equipment List once a year, which includes the following:

  • Full Hardware and Software Maintenance (Antivirus, Windows, Application Updates, and Virus Scan) Dust Equipment, etc Check and Replace UPS If Needed (UPS Not Included) Check and Replace Fans If Needed (Fans Not Included)

  • Additional Maintenance Is Available.

Yearly Maintenance Service

This is a yearly maintenance service agreement where A Rapid PC will give your company priority service, full routine maintenance, and other needed services. 



  • Desktop PC Support

  • Server/LAN/WAN Support

  • Emergency Service

  • Computer Rental

  • Minimum Billing for Telephone

  • Minimum Billing for Remote/Phone Support

  • Travel Time for On-Site Service 

  • Included

  • Included

  • Included

  • Included

  • Included

  • Included

  • FREE Within a 20-Mile Radius 


  • See below the benefits of having such an agreement.

  • The prices stated below are only for service and do not include any equipment or parts. 


  • $110.00/ up to 1st Hour

  • $110.00/ up to 1st Hour

  • $75 Additional

  • $100.00 Monthly

  • $35.00 for 15 Minutes

  • $35.00 for 15 Minutes

  • $35.00 


  • Desktop PC Support:

    • Including troubleshooting, hardware upgrades, and supervising software updates.

  • Server/LAN/WAN Support:

    • Including troubleshooting, supervising software updates, hardware upgrades, and telephone and remote access support.

  • Priority Response Time for Emergencies:

    • Emergency calls will be responded to within a reasonable time during normal business hours. For after-hour emergencies, you will get a mobile phone number that you can call.

  • If at any time, any of the computers listed on the Equipment List have to be removed from the premises to be taken to our Repair Center to be fixed, we will provide a temporary computer to the subscriber.

  • This agreement is not meant to teach subscribers how to fix equipment and/or how to use your programs or applications.

  • The agreement does not include parts or any new major project installations. 

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