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  • Full Hardware and Software Maintenance Once a Year. Complete Hardware Maintenance, Fan Checkup and Cleaning, Review Hardware Components, etc. Complete Windows Maintenance and Updates, PC Security Check, Scan, and Update (Antivirus, Anti spyware, Firewall, etc.), Check Hard Drives and Other Devices for Failure

  • Advise for Necessary Upgrades and Proactive Solutions

  • Over-the-Phone and Internet Remote Technical Support

  • Basic Remote Repairs, and Installations

  • Discounts on Hourly Rate for Service Calls (When needed) and 10% Off for Any In-Store Repairs (Customer Must Bring Computer to Store)

A Rapid Rescue Me

For a very low monthly fee A Rapid PC will offer you Remote and Telephone Technical assistance that you need. Let us fix your computer problems while you sit at your home. By subscribing to the above service you will also receive some other computer maintenance and tune-up at no additional cost.



  • 1 to 5 Computers

  • 6 to 10 Computers

  • 11 to 30 Computers

  • Over 30 Computers 

  • $75.00/Month

  • $100.00/Month

  • $150.00/Month

  • $350.00/Month


Customers not enrolled in Rescue Me Plan will be charged a rate of $65.00 per hour of telephone and remote assistance.

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